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Bug#588097: firmware-nonfree: Please consider adding firmware for TI Serial devices

On Sun, 04, Jul, 2010 at 10:16:03PM +0100, Ben Hutchings spoke thus..
> > mark@steerpike:~/src/linux-firmware$ ls ti_* mts_* -1
> > mts_cdma.fw
> > mts_edge.fw
> > mts_gsm.fw
> I actually added these already, but haven't uploaded them yet.

Being selfish for a moment, the one I need turns out to be mts_gsm.fw
(which isn't that surprising given the hardware).

> > mts_mt9234mu.fw
> > mts_mt9234zba.fw
> > ti_3410.fw
> > ti_5052.fw
> [...]
> These don't have any licence information.

Maybe the best thing to do is just to ship all the ones we have license
info for?  People can always grab the other ones from upstream if they
need them (I'd say that I'll chase sorting out license info, but I'd be
lying if I did because I'm unlikely to have time, sorry)


Mark Hymers <mhy at debian dot org>

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