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Bug#481104: [pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#481104: [Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] /usr/sbin/update-initramfs: update-initramfs edits /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/cryptroot

* Jonas Meurer <jonas@freesources.org> [Sat Jun 12, 2010 at 06:36:38PM +0200]:
> On 08/06/2010 Michael Prokop wrote:

[cryptroot in initramfs]

> > I'm reassigning this bugreport to cryptsetup, as initramfs-tools
> > doesn't provide any crypt* stuff any longer. AFAICS this issue is
> > resolved, though it would be great if cryptsetup packagers could
> > take a closer look at it before closing it.

> mh, strange. it seems like mkinitramfs pastes the output of
> /conf/conf.d/cryptroot (in initramfs) to either of 
> /usr/share/initramfs-tools/conf.d/cryptroot and
> $CONFDIR/conf.d/cryptroot if they exist. even touching them as empty
> files leads to the described issue.

> i didn't identify the relevant code yet, sh -x mkinitramfs didn't give
> any further information.

> i suggest to close the bugreport anyway, as shipping mkinitramfs
> cryptroot configuration in $CONFDIR/conf.d/cryptroot was not supported
> in the first place.

> to my knowledge the cryptroot-hook script is not the problem here. the
> problematic code should be in mkinitramfs itself.

Located the problem now - you're right, it's clearly not a
cryptsetup issue, sorry.

Thanks for spotting and responding, maks and me will investigate.


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