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Bug#585609: linux-base: postinstall script fails on loop-aes partitions

On 06/12/2010 03:54 PM, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> It is really a problem of the loop-aes package that it changes the
> semantics of the fstab type and options.

If you think so, then please reassign this bug to loop-aes-utils.

>> > I am happy to switch to dm-crypt if somebody can help me to setup
>> > dm-crypt with the following characteristics:
>> > - master key gpg encrypted, decryptable with multiple private gpg keys
>> > - gpg private keys stored on gpg card, no storage of gpg private keys on
>> > disk
>> > - mounting of volumes early during boot
>> > Until I know how to do that with dm-crypt, I stay with loop-aes.
> I expect that cryptsetup supports this.

Again: can you, or somebody else, please give a hint or a link on how to
do this with with cryptsetup? I couldn't get it working, so this is not
a valid work-around.


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