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Re: MIPS boot drivers

Ben Hutchings a écrit :
> Martin, Aurelien,
> When switching from IDE to libata drivers I updated all per-architecture
> configuration files but I failed to cover per-flavour configuration
> files.  These configuration files currently enable some IDE drivers and
> the associated flavours may be broken due to the partial conversion:
> debian/config/armel/config.iop32x
> debian/config/m68k/config.amiga
> debian/config/m68k/config.atari
> debian/config/m68k/config.mac
> debian/config/m68k/config.q40
> debian/config/mips/config.4kc-malta (known broken; see #584784)
> debian/config/mips/config.5kc-malta
> debian/config/mips/config.r4k-ip22
> debian/config/mips/config.r5k-ip32
> debian/config/mips/config.sb1a-bcm91480b
> debian/config/mips/config.sb1-bcm91250a
> debian/config/mipsel/config.r5k-cobalt
> debian/config/sh4/config.sh7751r
> debian/config/sh4/config.sh7785lcr
> Ignoring m68k and sh4 as not release architectures, this leaves mostly
> MIPS platforms.  Since I know approximately nothing about these and I'm
> not sure exactly which boot methods are supposed to be supported, I'll
> have to ask you to review the configurations.  I've attached a patch
> which was my best guess at the necessary changes.
> Note that pata_generic replaces ide-pci-generic whereas pata_platform
> appears to be the correct replacement for ide-generic.  But you probably
> knew that.

I currently only tested the malta part, but unfortunately it doesn't fix
the problem. Moreover, it does change the ABI.

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