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Re: MIPS boot drivers

On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 03:51:33AM +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> Martin, Aurelien,
> When switching from IDE to libata drivers I updated all per-architecture
> configuration files but I failed to cover per-flavour configuration
> files.  These configuration files currently enable some IDE drivers and
> the associated flavours may be broken due to the partial conversion:
> debian/config/armel/config.iop32x
> debian/config/m68k/config.amiga
> debian/config/m68k/config.atari
> debian/config/m68k/config.mac
> debian/config/m68k/config.q40
> debian/config/mips/config.4kc-malta (known broken; see #584784)
> debian/config/mips/config.5kc-malta
> debian/config/mips/config.r4k-ip22
> debian/config/mips/config.r5k-ip32
> debian/config/mips/config.sb1a-bcm91480b
> debian/config/mips/config.sb1-bcm91250a
> debian/config/mipsel/config.r5k-cobalt
> debian/config/sh4/config.sh7751r
> debian/config/sh4/config.sh7785lcr
> Ignoring m68k and sh4 as not release architectures, this leaves mostly
> MIPS platforms.  Since I know approximately nothing about these and I'm
> not sure exactly which boot methods are supposed to be supported, I'll
> have to ask you to review the configurations.  I've attached a patch
> which was my best guess at the necessary changes.

sh4 has always used libata.

MIPS SB1 BCM812501 has been switched to libata some times ago.

For the remaining MIPS flavors, I'll look at that later today, as it 
might include some tests.


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