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Bug#584593: linux-image-2.6.32-5-686: kernel update failed to set uuid for home partition

On Sat, 2010-06-05 at 00:12 +0200, spamfang wrote:
> Package: linux-2.6
> Version: 2.6.32-15

The bug is not in this version.

> Severity: important
> Tags: sid
> An upgrade from 2.6.32-3 to 2.6.32-4 (right now i am running 5) changed some
> things concerning devices. They are now adressed via uuid. The post-install
> script however failed to set entries correctly in my /etc/crypttab. I have 3
> luks-partions. All 3 of them were modified correctly, but the entry for the
> last partition (which is my home-partition) went wrong. There was no line
> break.

This was already reported as bug #577735 and has now been fixed.  Sorry
for the disruption.


Ben Hutchings
Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it makes it worse.

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