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Bug#574598: Bug still in version 2.6.32-11

On Fri, 09 Apr 2010, Achim Schaefer wrote:

> No I use nouveau since a long time.
> I assume you mixed another bug report up with mine.

sorry, indeed.
> > costumers.:)
> You wrote bugzilla.kernel.org not openvz.org-)
> > let us know bug nr so that we can track it.
> Someone " solved" this bug between -10 and -11 could you provide me the 
> bugzilla nr for this solution?
> > 
> >  regards
> > 
> BTW: I just saw someone else wrote something similar...
> See attached mail.

yep, thus same question please let openvz guys know on
bugzilla.kernel.org and let us know the upstream bug nr for tracking.

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