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Bug#491321: initramfs-tools: does not support splashy

On Fri, 18 Jul 2008, Michal Suchanek wrote:

> While there are multiple calls to usplash in initramfs functions there
> is no support for splashy. On systems that spend substantial part of
> boot in the initramfs this is inadequate.

had many screen corruptions (temporary nature, but still) while using
usplash that i just gave up on it.

I don't see splashy to be the ideal partner of it.
> I attach a patch that should solve the problem but ideally the script
> should be reworked so that the presence of splash solutions is tested
> only in one place.
> Thanks
> Michal

afaik people these day favor plymouth,
if any I'd prefer to support that one.
it is also used by dracut in fedora and
seems to work fine with kms.

unless a big objection comes up will close that report.
thanks for report.

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