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Bug#534880: do we want to fix this?

2) Abandon lenny for dom0 use / wait until stable-2.6.32 is in squeeze.
   Packages are beginning become availible for testing
   (huge thanks to Bastian Blank)

3) Get jeremy's 2.6.31 or 2.6.32 tree packaged and into lenny-backports
   (together with xen-hypervisor-3.4-{i386,amd64})

I doubt that this bug is going to be fixed in 2.6.26, so I'm mostly for
getting stable-2.6.31 into backports since stable-2.6.32 isn't quite ther=

Packages for testing based on stable-2.6.32 targeted for squeeze:

jeremy's stable=3D2.6.31 tree:

jeremy's stable-2.6.32 tree:

Best regards
Asbj=F8rn Sloth T=F8nnesen

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