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Bug#543563: Sometimes iwl4965 fails to load on resume from supend to disk

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On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 09:47:50PM +0200, Martin Würtele wrote:
> Package: linux-image-2.6.26-2-openvz-amd64
> Version: 2.6.26-17lenny2
> Severity: normal
> Sometimes when resuming from supend-to-disk loading the wifi module fails with
> the trace below.

That driver was fairly fresh in 2.6.26 and a backport for such a complex driver
is unlikely.

Squeeze will be based on 2.6.32. Please test the current 2.6.32 from unstable/
testing and tell us whether the problem persists. If so, we should report it
upstream to the kernel.org developers.


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