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Bug#567468: (boot time consequences of) Linux mdadm superblock question.


> Indeed, it does. However, I could not find out how it does device
> naming? From what I understand, mdadm will only assemble devices
> using the name stored in the superblocks iff the homehost matches,
> so dracut either doesn't provide for this and requires the use of
> UUIDs to mount filesystems (making the array name secondary), or it
> needs to know what the homehost is. For this, it either needs
> mdadm.conf, or the hostname must be stored in the initramfs.

uhm, I guess it just assemble the array, then the /etc/fstab
will take care to mount the proper bits, using, for example,
the LABEL mechanism.

My setup has LVM over RAID, so first the array is put together,
then LVM looks for its own things, then the volumes are mounted.

It seems mdadm can scan & assemby, so can LVM. In the end there
are LVM volumes, which have a well defined name.

I do not see how the "homehost" plays a role, here.

> Could you research this and let us know how dracut invokes mdadm?

Well, thanks that you asked, I can have a look, but, as
usual, I cannot promise anything.




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