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Bug#540711: linux-image-686: display switch key combination "Fn+F8" stopped working since 2.6.29

maximilian attems schreef:
On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 11:56:15AM -0500, Denis Laxalde wrote:
will have to close that bug report.
Why ?
Actually, I forwarded the bug (to kernel) as you suggested before.

sorry this is my fault, but they will tell you the same thing.
only by looking at the upstream report I had nvidia.ko sticking out.
this code is not released it can only be debugged by nvidia.
That's of course true. I will submit a bug report there. Thanks for your efforts and my apologies for wasting your time.
we hope to be able to support nouveau soon,
but currently lack mancraft from a motivated person to backport
2.6.33 KMS nouveau code.
I also hope for this...

yep integration of it is happening fast, but it may miss the squeeze
boat, if it is backportable at all. Ubuntu is also trying afaik.
This would certainly be welcome...


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