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Bug#566781: linux-image-2.6.32-trunk-686: Suspend / Resume works correctly for the first time (Lot of thanks) - Minor issues

> Hit the 'Power' button or Ctrl-Alt-Del:
>     A pop-up dialog asks me what I really want to do.
>     -  When I choose 'Suspend', Suspend systematically succeeds.
>     -  After Suspend has succeeded, when I trigger Resume by hitting 
> the 'Power' button, then Resumes systematically succeeds, but 
> systematically displays a black screen.  I have to hit 'Shift' or move 
> the mouse in order to get the 'Password' dialog displayed.
well this sounds like an userspace failure aka gnome-power-manager stuff??

> 3) Close the lid of the laptop:
>     Systematically:
>     -  At the first try, the screen becomes black, but the computer 
> does NOT suspend.
>     -  At the second try, Suspend succeeds.
>     -  After Suspend has succeeded, when I open the lid of the laptop, 
> then Resume also systematically succeeds, by displaying the 'Password' 
> dialog.

this looks more like a kernel bug,
could you report that upstream in bugzilla.kernel.org
and let us know the bug nr so that it can be tracked.


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