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Bug#567065: avoid mount -t unknown

On Wed, 27 Jan 2010, Joey Hess wrote:

> maximilian attems wrote:
> > right that sounds good, will merge soon.
> Thanks.

applied, pushing out on repo as soon as back on net.. :)
> > also it should no longer use the gone udev vol_id,
> > but blkid, haven't come around to see it's invocation pattern,
> > that should fix it also.
> If you have blkid on the initramfs, you can use:
> FSTYPE=$(blkid -o value -s TYPE $ROOT)
> (It will exit nonzero if it cannot determine the type.)

ok thanks for the hint!
> I was thinking about trying to add btrfs magic to fstype, but if you
> plan to switch to blkid, I will avoid spending time on it.

yes blkid should be fallback for squeeze
(as vol_id was for lenny) and then take over for squeeze+1

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