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Bug#566522: i'm say i'm noob :(

After thrid line (pathing using debian script)

chmod +x debian/bin/gencontrol.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "debian/bin/gencontrol.py", line 331, in <module>
  File "debian/bin/gencontrol.py", line 14, in __init__
  File "debian/bin/gencontrol.py", line 305, in process_changelog
    (distribution, version))
RuntimeError: Can't upload to unstable with a version of 2.6.32-5a~test
make: *** [debian/control-real] Error 1

I don't know what i can do now, i'm go sleep then.
Good Night :*

PS "3c503 irq=9" in /etc/modules work good.

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