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Bug#514260: linux-image-2.6.26-1-amd64: kernel does not support multiple, not similarm soundcards

On 22/01/2010 12:27, Olaf Zevenboom wrote:

"all kernels since then" : all kernels released under Lenny. I have not
tried newer kernels from outside of the Lenny repos. I am a bit reluctant to
do so as it usually requires other packages such as udev and libc to be
upgraded too and therefor can have a serious impact on the stability of a

No, it is the contrary : new udev (and perhaps libc) requires new kernel. But
new kernels do not require new udev/libc. So you can try to install only
the new kernel (and perhaps firmware packages if your hardware need them).
And if something does not work, you only have to reboot and select your
previous kernel at grub time.


If it would be just the recompilation of the Vmware-server2-wrapper
I am running it would be fine. But I am not looking for a cascade of
dependencies. Could you please comment on this?

Thanks in advance,

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