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Bug#563868: [linux-image-2.6-686] only 2 hotkey on 4 configurable on eeepc 901

Package: linux-image-2.6-686
Version: 2.6.30+21
Severity: normal

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on the eeepc 901 there is 4 hotkeys on the top left on the keyboard.
We will call them 0, 1, 2, 3

If you go to keyboard shortcut you can easily configure the touch 2 and
3 if you click on a short cut and press the hotkey 2, you will see
write "XF86Launch3" but if you want to use it, some time is working,
some time is not working, Some time you configured it and it's working
but after when you change it, you still have the old who working...

but if you press on the hotkey number 1 nothing happening.
if you press on the hotkey number 0 it's working, but it's lock the
screen. after you can see that it's have work and it's write


I expect to be able to configure all my hotkeys
I don't want that the hotkey1 be the screen saver. I don't want
screensaver, I want to user this hotkey for instance for run my
internet browser.

I'm not sure that it's in linux package, but I removed and purge
the package "eeepc-acpi-scripts" then I suppose that is not in it.

--- System information. ---
Architecture: i386
Kernel:       Linux 2.6.30-2-686

Debian Release: squeeze/sid
  500 testing         security.debian.org 
  500 testing         ftp.fr.debian.org 
  500 karmic          ppa.launchpad.net 

--- Package information. ---
Depends                       (Version) | Installed
linux-image-2.6.30-2-686                | 2.6.30-8squeeze1

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