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Re: Linux image packages going to depend on python


On Sun, Nov 29 2009, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:

> Find attached an initial attempt to use shell only. Let me know if you
> are interested.
> The script is configurable, so a sysadmin can decide to re-rewrite fstab
> using DM/LVM names rather than UUID, or volume LABEL, or legacy /dev/hd*
> names.
> Known bugs/limitation:
>  * Should accept command line arguments
>  * Some devices may need to be blacklisted
>  * What about removable media? (UUID of media in CDROM? ouch)
>  * Should actually write fstab ;)
> I have hesitated to probe the current /dev or to use blkid... I can
> change that easily.
> I think this script should have a companion, to insert/update a comments
> line above each fstab entry (à-la Debian-Installer)

        Perhaps you should consider making the script just create a
 ./fstab.new file, and not overwriting /etc/fstab?  makes it easier to
 test the script out without altering current setup.

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