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Bug#555702: Info received (ATA drive root partition "does not exist")

Comparing config-2.6.31-1-686[ for the not functioning kernel] with config-2.6.30-2-686 [for the functioning kernel] shows  that  the  same modules to  drive  my  IDE  atiixp  are used  rather than  the ATA atiixp ones. So   there  is  no   difference  here.  My  IDE   drive device  hdX should be  there rather than sdX, but it is  not.  Since  the corresponding libata driver  for  atiixp  is not   engaged,  it is not  seen by libata either.  But  the sata drive is seen as per the functioning kernel. I   suspect  the new  2.6.31  kernel cannot  work well with  the old IDE atiixp driver.

2009/11/28 Bryan Cebuliak <bryan.cebuliak@gmail.com>
I had a look  at   the config-2.6.31-1-686.gz  from
Indeed   both IDE and ATA are enabled  as modules.
Is this relevant?
Seems   like  I am having a  rather  schizophrenic  conversation. So be  it.  The rest of the world is  crazy.  That  is   certain.
2009/11/28 Bryan Cebuliak <bryan.cebuliak@gmail.com>
Why is IDE not  recognised?

Is CONFIG_IDE enabled  as   well as CONFIG_ATA? See this

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