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Re: Custom Kernel Building in Debian

Stephen Powell <zlinuxman@wowway.com> writes:

>> I would like to suggest addressing the building of out-of-tree modules
>> as well. This is kind of a moving target, as Debian does not currently
>> offer a way to build deb packages from out-of-tree modules which have
>> been (prematurely, IMO) converted to DKMS.
> I'm afraid that's beyond my area of recent experience.  The last time I built
> an out-of-tree module was back in the days when the ALSA drivers were
> not part of the kernel source tree, and I was using Woody, I think,
> with a 2.4 kernel.  But make-pkpg could do that back then, and I would hope
> that it still can.  I have no experience at all with DKMS.  I do mention
> building out-of-tree modules in passing in my document, but I give no
> examples because I have none to offer in my recent experience.

FYI it can't. The DKMS using modules (vmware specifically) don't build
with make-kpkg or module-assistant. That is actualy the reason for the


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