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Re: Debian Kernel Group Meeting / Xen Dom0 support

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 01:31:06PM +0100, Vincent Sanders wrote:
> xen dom 0
> +++++++++
> Upstream development is splintered but Bastian Blank is willing to
> implement the patch for squeeze. Final decision on inclusion subject
> to building.

Novell/OpenSUSE has forward-ported Xen (dom0) patches for 2.6.31 / 2.6.32 here:

Andrew Lyon has extracted the patches and made them to apply against
vanilla 2.6.31:

Announcement about 2.6.31 patches from Andrew Lyon:

> We also agreed to have a deprecation notice for Xen dom 0 as well as
> vserver into the Release Notes.
> Action item for Luk Claes to add the deprecation notices to the
> Release Notes.

So I guess that means the plan is to use the upstream pv_ops dom0
support in the future (after squeeze), which is still a work-in-progress? 

-- Pasi

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