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Bug#523735: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/initramfs-tools: please consider supporting the experimental kernel-package out of the box

> > [Snip DEB_MAINT_PARAMS stuff]
>         This is from a proposal initially by Frans Pop, and allows
>  passing through of the maintainer script parameters to the scripts
>  being run. This way, we only build he initramfs when initially
>  configured.  This is a good thing.

Ah, right. I think I've seen multiple initramfs runs for the same kernel, yes.
Nice to have that fixed.

>         I think I would agree with maks here, and let the current code
>  go forward as is.  Thiswoud certainly give us consistency for Squeeze,
>  and continue to work as it always did for Lenny backports, and the
>  ongoing support for >= 12.001 < 12.018 generated images is not
>  important enough to spend more time on this.
Okay, perfect!

The only final comment I'd have is that one or two comments wouldn't look bad
in the script, if only to tell any reader why this checking happens (perhaps
link to this bug as well).



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