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Re: Bug#543717: Initramfs firmware loading fail due to udev being started too late

On Aug 26, Benoit Plessis <benoit@plessis.info> wrote:

> I was stopped by the bnx2 driver being unable to load it's firmware when adding 'bnx2' in the 'modules' files,
Why not letting udev load the driver by itself instead?

> Since udev is setup in init-premount, it's unavailable when loading modules and so firmware loading fail,
> moving udev in init-top fixed the problem so i was wondering if there is a reason for this current location
I got the original scripts from somebody else and I do not know much
about the design of initramfs-tools.
Can we start udev earlier? I see that some of the standard scripts
manually run mknod to work around this.


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