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Bug#523735: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/initramfs-tools: please consider supporting the experimental kernel-package out of the box

Hi Manoj,

> > I propose the following: Let kernel-package expose a
> > KERNEL_PACKAGE_VERSION variable to /etc/kernel/postinst.d
> > scripts. This allows the initramfs-tools script to generate an initrd
> > if
> >  a) KERNEL_PACKAGE_VERSION >= 12.001
>         Or if STEM is set. postinst scripts run by kernel-package image
>  packages have for a long time exported STEM=linux in the environment.
I'm not sure what STEM exactly means, but it sounds like the wrong way to
detect kernel-package generated kernels to me. You might use it for backwards
compatibility perhaps, but using KERNEL_PACKAGE_VERSION seems to me the only
proper way (since it explicitly refers to kernel-package, while STEM=linux is
just something that happens to be set by kernel-package, but could just as
well be set for the official kernels in the future).

>         Done in my local git repo. The next upload of kernel-package,
>  12.018, will export KERNEL_PACKAGE_VERSION (and also STEM, usually
>  linux) into the environment.

>         I hope so. In any case, kernel-package is getting behind this
>         proposal. 
Good. Next up is fixing the initramfs-tools to apply the checks i proposed in
my earlier post.



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