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Bug#443979: CONFIG_FIRMWARE_EDID=n fixes this (Bug#443979: Linux boot hangs on AMD Geode GX systems)

I can confirm that recompiling the kernel source with
CONFIG_FIRMWARE_EDID disabled fixed the non booting issue
Any chance that new releases could have a Geode version?
Anyway, thank you for your help

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From: Moritz Muehlenhoff [mailto:jmm@inutil.org] 
Sent: 13 August 2009 23:51
To: Steven Tupper
Cc: 443979@bugs.debian.org; Timo Juhani Lindfors
Subject: Re: CONFIG_FIRMWARE_EDID=n fixes this (Bug#443979: Linux boot
hangs on AMD Geode GX systems)

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 09:26:29AM +0200, Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote:
> Hi,
> we hit this bug with Geode systems "PC Engines ALIX.3C3 LX800" and 
> "IEI PCISA-LX-800-R11". We can avoid the early hang of the kernel if 
> recompile it with CONFIG_FIRMWARE_EDID disabled.
> Steven, can you test if this solves the problem for you too?

Steven wasn't CCed.


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