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initramfs-tools stable release 0.93.4

the last 0.93 as the next version will focus on faster boot
and thus smaller initramfs out of the box. first commits
in this direction are already in latest git:
git clone git://git.debian.org/kernel/initramfs-tools.git
for the small fixes belows shortlog

Aaron M. Ucko (1):
      scripts/init-top/framebuffer: i915 needs intel-agp too

maximilian attems (7):
      preinst: Don't hardcode vol_id cmd
      initramfs-tools.8: Convert hyphen to minus sign
      control: bump versioned dep on debhelper
      control: bump standards version without changes.
      hook-functions: Fix loading of entries without newline in
      MODULES=most: Add virtio_net to initramfs.
      release 0.93.4

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