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Bug#510863: Lenny freezes as VMware guest in VMware Server 2.0

On Mon, Jan 05, 2009 at 02:54:54PM +0100, Marko Kobal wrote:
> Package: main
> Version: lenny RC1 release
> I've been testing Debian Lenny RC1 release as an VMware Guest in VMware Server 2.0 (host Debian Etch 4.0 p5). After some time (couple of hours) of normal work without any load Lenny just freezed. After reboot it is OK, but then again same problem.
> The guest virtual machine uses one cpu, 256 MB of RAM, LSI logic for virtual SCSI adapter, the host machine is an Intel Xeon 7120 server with Supermicro motherboard.
> I've seen this entries in guest's log
> Dec 19 19:16:09.985: vcpu-1| SCSI0: RESET BUS
> Dec 19 19:16:09.986: vcpu-1| SCSI0: RESET BUS
> Dec 19 19:16:20.017: vcpu-1| SCSI0: RESET BUS
> Dec 19 19:16:21.117: vcpu-1| SCSI0: RESET BUS
> Also I'm sending vmware-core0.gz as attachemnt.

Does this error still with the final Lenny release? Did you run this with
Vmware server kernel modules or pristine?


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