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Bug#537152: update-initramfs fails to create initrd image

On Fri, 17 Jul 2009, Michalis Georgiou wrote:

> On Friday 17 of July 2009 14:26:19 you wrote:
> i did what i describe above. i chose targeted, installation failed and at that 
> time i opened a console and gave :
> sh -x mkinitramfs -o /tmp/bla
> the output is :
> sh: can't open mkinitramfs.
> it seems that mkinitramfs does not exist in the system.

sure it does exist, it is inside the installer chroot.

as i'm not at all familiar in debugging in d-i environment,
added fjp and d-boot ml on cc.

hope they can give guidance on getting an useful debug output
of the mkinitramfs run inside of d-i.

thanks + kind regards


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