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Re: unification filesystems -- packaging aufs2, etc.

Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> Proposal
> ---------
> It seems to be the best idea to use unionfs-fuse for now (like Ubuntu)
> until a new kernel-based solution has been packaged. It may also be a
> good idea to coordinate this with the Ubuntu developers, so both distros
> can use the same method of filesystem unification.
> 1. The Debian Live project adds support for unionfs-fuse.

this shouldn't be that hard, however, it's a serious regression in terms
of speed, therefore i really hope kernel team will accepts aufs2 patches.

> 2. A new filesystem will be packaged (unionfs2 OR aufs2).
> 3. aufs will be removed from unstable (or be replaced by
>    aufs2 under the same name).

in the meanwhile, having not looked at the issues myself at all, is it
reasonably possible to patch aufs1 for 2.6.30?

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