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Bug#533894: initramfs-tools: add support for virtio modules for netbooting

On Sun, 21 Jun 2009, Michael Prokop wrote:
> The virtio_pci module is in the 'base' class already (which is
> relevant for MODULES=netboot together with class 'net').
> Though not all available and necessary virtio drivers are used -
> therefore it's not possible to for example boot via PXE in a KVM
> virtualiziation environment.
> It would be nice to have the full list of virtio drivers
> (virtio_blk, virtio_net, virtio_pci and virtio_balloon) included
> in MODULES=most and MODULES=netboot.
ok for virtio_blk and virtio_net.

hmm why do we need the balloon on initramfs?

> Credits regarding this issue go to Daniel Weuthen.

does he ack an reported tag?
Reported-by: Daniel Weuthen <??>

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