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New version of kernel-package now in unstable


        This brings to an end an enhancement for kernel-package that
 have been in development for over an year. These changes make
 kernel-package more nimble (you can just update the sources, hack on a
 file, and run make-kpkg and it should just work to incorporate your
 changes, no need for clean).

        It also pulls out the postint functionality into hook scripts,
 using the same /etc/kernel.d infrastructure as upstreams native deb-pkg
 target, but provides for more packages.

        Also supported now is a linux-image-$version-dbg package, that
 contains just the debugging information, and which is compatible with

        Looking at the reverse dependencies, there should be no impact
 whatsoever on the module packages; everything should still work the

        However, since ./debian is now ephemeral, anyone who puts things
 in ./debian will be affected. Those users should depend on
 kernel-package (<< 12.001).  The only user I know of that did that
 was linux-2.6, but since kernel-package has been deprecated and
 pronounced broken by the kernel team, this is not an issue: if it is
 deprecated, and obsolescent, development if kernel-package need not be
 tied to linux-2.6. In any case, official kernels are no longer
 supported as of k-p 12.001.

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