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> Could you please provide the missing file!

could you please calm down? thanks.

> In the last few weeks we had a LOT of problems with your packages:

first of all, the origin of the problem is that the i386 buildd is
fucked up. it build the package but did not upload it yet (to be
precise, it did finally upload it today). you can see this here:

which is linked from: http://packages.qa.debian.org/l/linux-2.6.html

note that running the build architecture is *NOT* the responsiblity of
the kernel team, there is no point in bitching the wrong people about it.

second, linux-2.6 uploads always gets delayed by having them passing NEW
all the time for each release and abi bump. this causes problems with
having linux-2.6 and linux-kbuild-2.6 in sync. however, this is *NOT* a
problem caused by the kernel team and cannot be fixed by us. there is
also no point bitching the wrong people about it.

third, all the packages you want are in svn and tagged accordingly. if
you really depend on having these packages at *any* given point in time,
you an always build it yourself. UTSL, fwiw.

and yes, it really sucks that people are not getting this although it is
always happening the same way all over again and again, and because
people running the *unstable* distribution which is targeted for
*developers* and clueful people only, that are able to help themselfs,
lamenting about it all the time makes no sense, doesn't help, is boring,
and *wastes* our precious time.


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