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Hi.  I have a problem I am sure is not atypical.  My new laptop doesn't
work too well with the lenny 2.6.26 kernel.  This in itself isn't the
problem, nor is it surprising.  I don't actually recall ever getting a
new laptop that was fully supported by Debian stable.

In the past solving it has been a combination of waiting until a kernel
that did support it was packaged by Debian, then recompiling compiling
it myself.  As I use several kernel modules I usually end up having to
either fix the Debian versions so they compile or package the newer
upstream versions.  Tedious, but no big issue - at least no bigger than
I would face if I didn't use Debian.

And so it went with 2.6.28 in experimental.  Except when it came to
compiling the modules.  I ran into linux-kbuild.  A brief look revealed
a version for 2.6.28 it wasn't available in debian/pool.  A longer look
at the 2.6.26 version revealed it didn't come from any upstream package,
but was somehow hand crafted from the kernel source.  At that point I
would have been stuffed, except somehow you guys let some version of
linux-kbuild 2.6.28 escape to the web and I was able to find it with
google.  Comparing the source to 2.6.26, I still am no wiser about how
you put it together.

And so to the my real request: please make the same mistake with 2.6.29.
The linux-2.6 source package is bloody near useless without the matching
linux-kbuild, so if you aren't going to release it at the same time as
you release your first version of 2.6.29, please please let it "escape",
preferably with big hints planted around the web so I can find it.

Russell Stuart

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