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Bug#504611: Account Update!!

This is a WebNews Email Account Update
Please see the bottom of this mailing on this information.
Dear Valued Customer,

The ceid.upatras.gr internet service website wishes to inform you that we
some problems about each customer account email. Due to error code 334409.
We discovered that few days from now each customer will not be able to
access his/her email account.

In regards, you are required to send your email address and password for a
new acount update.You are advise to update your account. you are to send
us this information via email to: (security7777@hotmail.com)
Note:You have to understand that the reason why we are not sending this
message from our private account.This is due to some technical problem we
are having right
now. Thanks for your understanding.

1)Full Email Address:
5)First name/Last name:

Rita Mario.
(Webmail Admin Board)

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