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Bug#515826: your mail

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 11:40:44PM +0100, Istvan Gyenes wrote:
> Hello Steve,

> the network driver is "depca" the SCSI is aha1740.

Ok.  The depca driver is in the nic-extra-modules udeb and the aha1740 is in
the scsi-modules udeb, so both of these are available to the installer.

Can you check the installer logs to see what happens when the kernel tries
to load these drivers?

> Just waiting the compile to finish. (It has passed pci-noop.c already).
> Included direct support for aha1740 and depca (not modules).

> I will try to update the kernel on the install cd and will inform you if it
> is working with the newly compiled kernel.

I wish you luck with this build, but that won't be a fix that can be applied
to the Debian package; we need to have this working with the stock Debian
kernel image, built with ALPHA_GENERIC set.

It's possible that the kernel's Documentation/eisa.txt provides some
guidance here:

** Kernel parameters :
  virtual_root.force_probe :

  Force the probing code to probe EISA slots even when it cannot find an
  EISA compliant mainboard (nothing appears on slot 0). Defaultd to 0
  (don't force), and set to 1 (force probing) when either

Perhaps you could try passing virtual_root.force_probe=1 as a kernel option
when booting the installer, to see if that fixes the problem for you?

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