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Bug#509237: purge: /var/lib/initramfs-tools' not empty so not removed


        This is not about this being a bug in linuz-image, or it being
 fixed there, since  the suer does not use linux-image or

        The user uses straignt kernel source code, kbuild, and make
 deb from Kbuild directly. That just isntalls the kernel image. The
 user then uses update-initramfs directly to create
 /boot/initrd-foo. No linux-image or kernel-package involved.

        At thsi point, they also do not want to remove
 /boot/initrd-foo.  They just want to get rid of initramfs-tools,
 which fails, since initramfs-tools does not clean up its internal

        Bringing in linux-image or kernel-package is a red herring,
 neither one of these packages are actually involved in
 initramfs-tools leaving cruft on the box after purge.

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