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Bug#503870: Acknowledgement (linux-image-2.6.26-1-686: Suspend to RAM fails on HP nc8230)

> Please describe, why you, as no maintainer, see this as
> fixed?

Because it works on my HP nc8230 (see title of the bug report) and was additionally forwarded to Linux kernel bug tracker (the issue is not fully resolved, but I'm talking to the maintainer about this).
> Even on my notebook, a X60s, suspend broke somewhere
> between .26-7 and
> .26-10.

I can't confirm this with 2.6.26-1, so I suggest to open an other bug report, since this seems to be a different bug (I think in my case it turned out to be related to the graphics card and BIOS, in your case it might be a kernel bug or so).


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