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Bug#493925: hmhm results with Ben's patch for mga drm firmware loading and G550

On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 18:39 +0100, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks, Ben, for looking into firmwares.
> On my computer (using a G550), I'm seeing
> [   62.796953] [drm] Initialized card for AGP DMA.
> [   62.859094] firmware: requesting matrox/g400_warp.fw
> [   63.032671] [drm:mga_warp_install_microcode] *ERROR* mga: Invalid
> microcode "matrox/g400_warp.fw"
> [   63.032671] [drm:mga_do_init_dma] *ERROR* failed to install WARP
> ucode!: -22

This is a sanity-check on the file format, and it fails which means
either the check or the firmware file is broken.

It turns out the firmware file was broken because the ihex2fw tool I
used to generate it is not consistent with the ihex.h header used to
parse it.  This is weird because they came from the same place!  I've
fixed up the ihex2fw tool and regenerated the Matrox firmware files.  I
created a user-mode test program based on the code in ihex.h and the
code I introduced to mga_ucode.c and this accepts the new file.

I uploaded a new version of firmware-nonfree (0.13.3) to
<http://people.debian.org/~benh/firmware-removal/>; please test the new
firmware-matrox package.

> instead of
> [   67.385716] [drm] Initialized card for AGP DMA.
> in dmesg when X starts with Ben's patch.
> This may or may not be desirable: the mga X server fails to decently set
> up the graphics modes either way (800x600/60 works, 1024x786/60 does but
> flickers, for other resolutions, the display claims to receive Vertical
> Refresh rates of <40Hz), so maybe the old thing just failed silently,
> but all of this seems unchanged by the patch.

So far as I know, 2D functionality should be unchanged by this patch,
whether or not the firmware is installed.


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