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Re: Firmware removal progress

Here's an updated overview; I think this now covers all sourceless
firmware/microcode left in linux-2.6:

driver     bug     "source" file(s)             licence            action
cassini    498631  net/cassini.h                GPLv2              remove
dabusb     502663  media/video/dabfirmware.h    BSDish             move (dabusb)
dsp56k     494010  char/dsp56k.c                GPLv2              add source
e100       494308  net/e100.c                   BSDish             move (e100)
kaweth     502665  net/usb/kawethfw.h           GPLv2              remove
mga        502666  char/drm/mga_ucode.h         MIT                move (matrox)
qla1280    502667  scsi/ql1{2160,040,280}_fw.h  GPLv2              remove
r128       494007  char/drm/r128_cce.c          MIT                move (ati)
radeon     494009  char/drm/radeon_microcode.h  MIT                move (ati)
starfire   501152  net/starfire_firmware.h      unmodified redist  move (adaptec)
tehuti     501153  net/tehuti_fw.h              GPLv2              remove
typhoon    502669  net/typhoon-firmware.h       unmodified redist  move (3com)
whiteheat  502668  usb/serial/whiteheat_fw.h    GPLv2              remove

"Action" is what my changes would do.  If the licence requires source
distribution, remove.  If the licence allows binary-only distribution,
move to firmware-nonfree (the names given are the package names minus
the leading "firmware-".  In the case of dsp56k we can provide the

My modified firmware-nonfree is at <http://womble.decadent.org.uk/tmp/>.
I'll post a new patch for linux-2.6 tomorrow.


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