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About bug# 484779

Hi all,

Bug# 484779 is affecting me, since I don NOT use desktop environment
(neither KDE nor GNome).  There are several tools I use for power
management (laptop Compaq 8510w), between them a couple of tools I


Both look for /proc/acpi/battery contents, on to report battery
information (-B) and the other to decide how to regulate the
processors frequency.  The case of cpufreq is really fatal to me under
kernel image 2.6.25-2-amd64 (# CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS_POWER is not set),
since as there's no battery info under /proc/acpi/battery, cpufreq no
longer has criteria to decide, and thus stops deciding forcing slowest
frequency (for me the rank of frequencies goes from 800MHz to 2.2GHz,
so cpufreq forces this 2.2GHz on AC power @ 800MHz, how sad can that
be?), see:

Jul 21 11:07:34 jevv-ofic cpufreqd: acpi_battery_init        : error,
acpi_battery module not compiled or inserted (/proc/acpi/battery/: No
such file or directory)?
Jul 21 11:07:34 jevv-ofic cpufreqd: acpi_battery_init        : exiting.

The result of the mentioned bug is to merge it to a KDE one, which
doesn't have anything to do with acpitool neither cpufreqd.

I order to get my laptop working I had to recompile the kernel:

% diff /boot/config-2.6.25 /boot/config-2.6.25-2-amd64
< # Mon Jul 21 12:49:21 2008
> # Mon Jul 14 10:38:33 2008

And now I can work @ 2.2GHz as I expected...  Can the bug be reopened
considering this is NOT kde related?  BTW I do not use gnome either,
so my set of tools include acpi, acpid, acpitool, cpufreqd,
cpufrequtils, acpi-support-base, acpi-support, laptop-mode-tools.

All this tools are still support under unstable, so I see no reason
why the latest unstable linux-image wouldn't support them...  If not,
then the users get forced to recompile the kernel to get things
working, :(.

Can you please confirm?



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