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Re: openafs in etchnhalf


Am Dienstag, 17. Juni 2008 schrieb Russ Allbery:
> The only relevant part of the openafs package affected is the
> openafs-modules-source arch: all package.  I'm fairly sure (although would
> need to test) that installing a new kernel module built from the lenny
> openafs-modules-source package will work fine with an openafs-client
> package from the current etch.  (Sometimes there are mismatches between
> afsd and the kernel, but I don't think any have happened since etch.)  So
> we could add to etchnhalf a new openafs-modules-source source package that
> supersedes the binary package built from the openafs source package,
> although I don't know how confused that would make dak (particularly if we
> have to do a security update of openafs).

This is worthwile double checking. I recently run with a backports kernel, 
openafs-client from etch and openafs-modules-source from backports and I got 
many kernel Oops.

Switching to the etchnhalf kernel and the openafs modules and openafs-client 
from backports solved the problem for me.


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