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2.6.24 upload for d-i

 Beta 2 of d-i will be using 2.6.24[1], the current version of which
is missing a couple of stable updates (including a handful of security
issues). The d-i team poked me about doing an upload to t-p-u that
includes these updates, which they'd like to happen quickly to get
beta2 out of the way and permit 2.6.25 into testing. Therefore, I'd
like to schedule an upload for Wednesday/Thursday of this week. By
default I'd like to sync it with the changes queued for etchnhalf -
this includes the two 2.6.24.y updates (minus the ABI changing
tda10086 patch), and the bnx2/ich10 backports. Let me know if any
other changes are necessary.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2008/05/msg00062.html
dann frazier

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