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Bug#433127: A question of GRUB root parameter

Hello, i think this problem is caused because the new kernel names disks as sdX, not as hdX, for example, a disk named /dev/hda1 tunrs into /dev/sda1.
/etc/fstab can be a problem, it may be needed to edit it.
But the big problem is the GRUB boot parameters, root in menu.lst continues as /dev/hda1 when the kernel is calling it as /dev/sda1, by this root file system is not found, and Debian does not boot.

It is possible to edit menu.lst and change hda1 by sda1, but in the next kernel update, it is set to hda1 again and problem continues.
I have found a fix for this issue.

Remove or rename /boot/grub folder.
Make a new /boot/grub folder.
Make a new empty file /boot/grub/menu.lst
Run grub-install with the right arguments for each Debian installation.
Run update-grub.

Now each time a new kernel is updated/installed root parameter is set as /dev/sda1 in menu.lst.


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