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Re: Kernel patches to support direct load of bzImage under Xen

(dropping Bastian from CC since the original was just a courtesy copy
and I doubt he wants CC'ing on list traffic per normal Debian

On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 01:45 +0200, maximilian attems wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Apr 2008, Ian Campbell wrote:
> > The v2.08 patch has been applied upstream [0,1&2] and will be in the
> > 2.6.26-rc1. Is there any reason not to apply a backport to the 2.6.25
> > kernel? Having these patches applied to the kernel would be a big step
> > forward in my project of making the Debian installer fully
> > usable/compatible with paravirtualised guests as originally discussed at
> > [3].
> i'd see tomorrow if the patch is easily appliable to 2.6.25,
> anyway shouldn't be a show stopper for Lenny as applied upstream.
> the trouble i remember is that we still can't disable the separate Xen
> images due to X86_PAE, which is not wanted in the generic 686.

In practise it is the 686-bigmem package which you are likely to want
for Xen usage since that has PAE enabled.

However I think we might as well just enable CONFIG_XEN in all packages
which have CONFIG_PARAVIRT enabled, people with non-PAE hypervisors do
exist e.g. none of the BSD ports support PAE IIRC, and there's no
benefit to shutting them out of running Debian as a guest.

For the time being the  separate Xen images are still useful for dom0
since (last I heard) some of those patches are currently damaging to the
native mode of the pvops stuff.

> > I'm not sure what the shortcomings of the maintainer scripts that
> > Bastian also refers too are since the packages work fine for me in domU
> > (note that dom0 is still a special case). There is a bug in update-grub
> > WRT handing pvops kernels which I am investigating separately. If there
> > are any other known issues me I'm more than happy to work on resolving
> > them if they are brought to my attention.
> how far is the 2.6.26 domU amd64 support?

Last status update I saw was
http://marc.info/?l=xen-devel&m=120783897830044&w=2 (and some other
little bits in that thread)

Looks like Fedora has mostly working with a few known issues but I don't
think any patches have been put forward for 2.6.26 yet.

I can have a look at extracting a patch from one of Red Hat's trees if
you would like.

> > The third patch in the ticket
> > xen-modules-autoprobing-support-for-frontend-drivers.patch is queued up
> > in the x86 tree but isn't in mainline yet[4]. Compared with the other
> > patches it's just a "nice to have" patch since it stops d-i from needing
> > to prompt separately for the Xen frontend drivers to find network and
> > disks.
> ack i'll see also if that one applies fine.

Thanks very much,

Ian Campbell

I smell like a wet reducing clinic on Columbus Day!

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