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Re: drivers-ata-ata_piix-postpone-pata.patch

Le jeu 17 avr 2008 18:44:42 CEST, Justus-bulk@Piater.name a écrit :

> In the light of bug reports such as 444182 and 465838, how about
> re-evaluating the appropriateness of this patch (bug 419458)?
> As far as I understand, ata_piix is considered mature, and there are
> good reasons to prefer it over piix, such as support for hotswapping
> IDE devices.

I've personnaly tried to remove this patch and work with ata_piix
instead of piix on my laptop (Thinkpad X31), but gave up : I had system
freezes, suspend-to-ram not working anymore, and hotswap freezing the
system one of 2 times ...
  But it could depend on used chipsets.


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