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Bug#475556: ma311 wireless card not assigned correct driver after installation

severity 475556 normal
reassign 475556 linux-2.6

> I have the Netgear MA311 card, which works correctly with the orinoco_pci
> module. However, both orinoco_pci and hostap_pci are loaded, rendering
> the card useless.
> To fix it, I need to rmmod hostap_pci, hostap, ieee80211_crypt,
> orinoco_pci, orinoco, hermes, and then finally modprobe orinoco_pci to
> get the card working again.
> To get the card to work each time the machine boots up, I've had to
> blacklist the hostap drivers too.

First of all, this issue is certainly not grave. Second of all, it does not 
seem so much an installer issue but rather a kernel issue.
Reassigning accordingly.


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