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linux-latest for etchnhalf

I've created a branch of linux-latest for etchnhalf (r11072), but I
wanted to run it past some people before I upload.

Frans: Can you review the attached generated control file to verify
that it is what d-i expects?

Bastian: Though this seems to generate the output I expected, there
are a couple of pieces I'd like your opinion on. I don't think either
of them need to block an upload, but I would like to try and use the
facility as designed.

I added an @extraversion@ to the templates and right now I am
hardcoding the setting in gencontrol.py It seems like it would make
sense to add support for this variable in linux-support in the next
upload and drop the hardcode - but maybe you've a better suggestion?

Also, I dropped the transitional packages in 'extra' by simply
truncating the extra template. The other option I saw was to modify
the generation code to check for an extra template before modifying
it, but I chose to minimize differences to simplify merging. Do you
have a preferred way of handling this?

dann frazier

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