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Bug#475490: [firmware-ralink] Please switch to ISC licence

Package: firmware-ralink
Version: 0.10
Severity: wishlist

It would be nice to have this package in main. It looks like this could be 
switched to the ISC licence as OpenBSD uses for distribution or ral and rum 

I only checked whether rt2661.bin and rt73.bin seemed to match, respectively, 
ral and rum's microcode.h-s. I don't know if there are several versions of 
the firmwares. If there are, my visual inspection was insufficient and we'd 
need to compile their microcode.h (AFAIK, Ralink doesn't distribute the 
firmwares directly for Linux under the ISC licence -  I must say this is 
strange if the firmware is the same). I could do that but I don't have any 
Ralink device requiring firmware to test the result. Of course, I could check 
if they're identical.

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