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Re: Installation Problem

On Thursday 10 April 2008, neeraj bahree wrote:
> I am facing problem in installing CA BrightStor Arc Serve Backup agent on
> Debian.If I install the package with command:
> root@svn:/Linux# ./install
> It's gives the error:
> ./install: 299: Syntax error: Bad substitution

This means you are not installing the Debian package.

> And If I run the debian package install command
> root@svn:/Linux# dpkg -i babcmagt.deb
> It gives the error:
> (Reading database ... 22468 files and directories currently installed.)
> Preparing to replace babcmagt 11.5.0 (using babcmagt.deb) ...
> Unpacking replacement babcmagt ...
> Setting up babcmagt (11.5.0) ...
> [: 108: /opt/CA/BABcmagt/nls/-e/Messages: unexpected operator
> [: 71: /opt/CA/BABcmagt/nls/-e/Messages: unexpected operator

Here it looks as if you are not using an official Debian package (otherwise 
you would not be needed 'dpkg -i' and it would not be installing in /opt).

Please contact the supplier of your software.

If you want general help, the debian-user list is the _only_ correct place 
to ask, not the addresses you have used now. In general it is not really 
appreciated to post questions to multiple lists at the same time, 
especially not if they are completely inappropriate lists.

Good luck with solving your installation problem.


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