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Bug#474648: seccomp is zero runtime overhead


The story about seccomp is that as long as there are users CPUShare
will support it because it's a more efficient and more secure
computing model.

About the seccomp overhead, that is zero. It adds zero overhead to the
fast path of the scheduler. It never added any overhead on x86-64. For
x86 I added a tsc_disable feature that wasn't zero overhead initially
and so that was used as argument against seccomp (despite it really
had little to do with the seccomp core), it is zero overhead now that
I optimized that little tsc_disable feature.

So you can always enable seccomp on x86-64 without performance
worries (I guess it only adds an hundred byte of .text).

On x86 you can enable seccomp as safely as on x86-64 if you find a
TIF_NOTSC implemented in your x86 32bit kernel. TIF_NOTSC is zerocost
and so after implementing TIF_NOTSC, I changed seccomp to use it to
avoid any overhead in all archs.

In the latest kernels the only overhead generated by seccomp is a bit
larger .text image, everything else is false or obsolete.

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